Fate of Kevin and Avonte’s Law Uncertain

This past July, the Senate passed Kevin and Avonte’s Law — a piece of legislation that provides for resources to be allocated to local police departments to pay for wearable tracking devices for those with developmental disabilities prone to wandering or bolting as well as training to those departments on how best to handle a situation of bolting or wandering. It’s an extension of an existing federal program that already provides similar resources for those with Alzheimer’s disease, and protects the privacy of the individual by only activating the device in the case of wandering. That legislation is now in question, as it has not made its way through the judiciary committee or the House of Representatives, and the 114th Congress will end on December 18th. You can learn more about that effort here. You can also call your representative or contact the judiciary committee if you have a story about how this legislation could impact you or someone you care about.


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